General Notices and Information

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Board Meetings:

Attention Please! The board of directors of Smuggler Homeowner’s Association will be holding monthly meetings on the second Tuesday of each month @ 5:30 pm henceforth! If you need to be put on the agenda, call Troy Miller @ 948-7292

Assessments and Big Dig loan payments: (increased by $25 starting 7/1/16)

Regular monthly assessment: $200

Regular monthly assessment plus the $123 loan payment: $323

Residents who have not paid off their Big Dig loan in full:

Beginning 7/1/16 your monthly payment to SHOA will be $323. Regular assessments are $200 and the Big Dig loan payment is $123 - Total of $323.

As a reminder, the annual opportunity to pay off the loan will next occur in January of 2017. The next opportunity after January 2017 will be January 2018 (every year in January). Please call Solveig at 925-7561 if you think you might want to make a payment next January. I will keep a list and call with a reminder in December. Payments must be made by 1/15/15 - I will have the exact amount due by January 5, 2017. After our monthly loan payment is made at the end of November I will be able to give you a close estimate. Those of you who have your bank send assessment payments to SHOA will need to advise them of the change.

Solveig: 925-7561

Dumpster Fires

Fireplace ashes can smoulder for weeks. They are a common cause of home and dumpster fires so please be careful with them. Several years ago the dumpster enclosure on Maple Lane burned down and the cause was thought to be fireplace ashes. The fire threatened adjacent homes and it cost $12,600 to replace the dumpster enclosure.


April, 2015

The Board has negotiated a new 5 year contract with Comcast. It comes with two HDTV boxes and a Cable Modem with high speed internet. This is included in the monthly assessment.

The number for Comcast (Xfinity) is 888-895-6504.

Please leave a message for Solveig at 925-7561 if you want to additional cable box(es). These extra boxes will be billed by Comcast directly to the homeowner after they are installed.

Trash / Recycling

Comingle containers:
  • No plastic bags
  • No cardboard (Large container for it in both dumpster buildings)
  • No paper products(separate container for paper)
  • Take magazines to recycle center

The trash company will not empty containers that are contaminated!