General Notices and Information

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Board Meetings:

The board of directors of Smuggler Home Owner’s Association will be holding monthly meetings on the second Tuesday of each month @ 5:30 pm. If you need to be put on the agenda, contact Management with the nature of your request and any details that will pre-inform the Board to allow for a more efficient proceeding.


Regular monthly operations assessment: $300
Regular monthly reserve assessments: $50
Regular monthly big dig loan assessments: $123

As a reminder, the annual opportunity to pay off the loan will occur yearly in January. Please contact Management for more information.

Dumpster Fires

Fireplace ashes can smolder for weeks. They are a common cause of home and dumpster fires so please be careful with them. Several years ago the dumpster enclosure on Maple Lane burned down and the cause was thought to be fireplace ashes. The fire threatened adjacent homes and it cost $12,600 to replace the dumpster enclosure.

Comingle containers:

Please click here for more information on your recycling opportunities.
Waste Management
Pitkin County Landfill