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Information For Smuggler HOA Owners

Welcome! This is a family community with 86 homes in close proximity, in which each owner has rights and responsibilities. In the interest of community living, please respect the peace and quiet of your neighbors. All persons at all times must abide by all governance of the Association. The following guidelines will help everyone live successfully in harmony in our community.

  1. Please review all governing documents, including the Protective Covenants of the Association. If you have any questions, please click here to contact the Park Manager.
  2. All potential new owners must attend a Board Meeting before purchasing in Smuggler Park.
  3. The Board of Directors are scheduled to meet on the second Tuesday of every month at 5:30 PM in the community room located behind the trash shed at 301 Oak Lane or via Zoom. Everyone is welcome.

    The Park Manager prepares the monthly agenda that is provided as timely as possible before a meeting. If you would like to add an item to the agenda, please email management with enough information for the Board to make an educated decision on whether or not the agenda item is approved.

  4. Monthly Assessment invoices are sent quarterly and:
    • Payments must be made payable only to Smuggler Home Owners’ Association.
    • Are due on the first of the month and are late after the end of the month.
    • May be put in the gold slot on the deck of the community room (no cash).
    • Or mailed to:
      Smuggler Home Owners' Association (SHOA)
      C/O Rutledge And Company (this line is very important for delivery)
      301 Oak Lane or P.O. Box 3149
      Aspen, Co 81611
  5. Failure to make monthly payments will result in the Association taking action in line with its Collections Policy. Late payment penalties and/or returned check charges may apply.
  6. Owners must read and conform their application to the Architectural Guidelines before submitting building plans and documents to the Board. Architectural Committee approval is needed for any and all exterior improvements to your lot or home. Architectural Committee recommendations are available upon request. The committee will make arrangements to meet with an applicant. The Building Department will require the Association’s Architectural Committee stamped approval before reviewing any applications.
  7. Mailboxes are available to all homeowners, and are located at the beginning of Oak and Maple. Keys should come from the previous owners, or may be handled with the postal carrier. Even if an owner is using a post office box address, an owner should check the street mailbox frequently, as some mail is always sent to street addresses.
  8. The Park presently has a bulk contract with Comcast for Internet and TV service.
    • Additional services are available through Xfinity.
    • Please call 855.307.4896 for service issues and other requests.
  9. NO PARKING on streets at any time. The streets are an immediate tow zone.
  10. GUEST PARKING is for visitors, and not for use by owners, owner’s renters, or other long-term occupants as described in the Rules & Regulations. As the parking area of the Park is constricted, guest's parking in proper designated areas is important to the serenity of the Park.
  11. An animal must be leashed at all times when off a lot. Additionally, the person managing the animal must be in complete control or remove the animal from the Park. Please pick up after animals. For additional information, please refer to the Protective Covenants and Rules and Regulations concerning animals.
  12. ALL newly purchased homes must be homeowner occupied! We have a six (6) month exception (found in our Protective Covenants and your Resale Agreement) in which a homeowner may rent their home.
  13. When an owner is not in residence, THE RULES AND REGULATIONS OF THE PARK MUST BE GIVEN TO ALL OCCUPANTS, and owners must make sure that everyone is aware of and abides by these rules.

    When an owner is not in residence, owners must give a copy of the rental agreement with the renter’s contact information and the temporary contact information of the owner to the Board and Manager.

    Effective March 2022